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We are detectives for better energy. We look for solutions in which good things can be combined.

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Wega - Biokaasu & LNG


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Wega - Biokaasu & LNG


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Wega - Biokaasu & LNG







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Detectives for better energy

Let’s say it out loud: energy will never be cheap. For that reason, it is necessary that we utilise every possible benefit of the energy that is available. This is exactly what we have specialised in at Wega. The world is undergoing an unprecedented change. Wega is here to guide your organisation through the change whilst improving your competitiveness in the market.

We are detectives for better energy. Responsibility is no longer a choice. Everyone must show their numbers. However, there is no need to compromise on efficiency nor predictability. We look for solutions where good things can be combined.

We improve accessibility, delivery, and security of supply of your energy. With our solutions you are less dependent on the fluctuations of the market and political uncertainties. You receive energy the origins of which can be traced. Energy that is in your own control. Energy you dare to use.

We see possibilities where others see threats. We will work tirelessly to assist with terminology, legislation, technical solutions, and EU bureaucracy. We will search for co-funding, work as your advocate, take care of continuity and simply make your life easier. You can focus on other things.


RENEW – New energy solutions
FUELS – Industrial energy
ENVIRO – Advising services

Wega finds the best clean energy solutions for its customers and acts as their tireless helper throughout the green energy leap. We tailor our services according to our customers’ specific needs, and our strength is to find the most suitable energy solution for every customer. Our services cover the production and distribution of renewable fuels as well as building reliable and sustainable supply chains.

  • Energy consulting and studies
  • Production, distribution, and supply chains for renewable fuels
  • Investment projects and project development
  • Demand and customer analyses
  • Technical planning and approvals
  • Profitability and feasibility studies for biogas- and electric fuels (hydrogen, synthetic methane, e-methanol, e-methanol) production projects
  • Project management

Wega takes care of its customers’ entire energy management whilst they can focus on their core business.

Our customers receive energy the origins of which can be traced, and with an optimal supply chain. Energy you dare to use.

  • Fuel sourcing to shipowners, land-based industries, and energy production companies
  • Hedging services
  • Optimisations and strategic insights for fuel contracts, procurement, supply chains, and energy costs
  • Supply of new energy products, testing and assistance throughout the procurement process
  • Market information and analyses

Wega supports its customers with their green investments, new business opportunities and achieving emission reduction targets in energy and transport sectors.

  • Co-funding services
    • Mapping of co-funding sources
    • Co-funding application process
    • Contract negotiations
    • Project communication
    • Project management
    • Project reporting
  • Tailored reports
  • Cost-benefit analyses and emission calculations
  • Environmental and responsibility communication

Wega offers solid biomass sourcing. Biomass is a sustainable energy for both heat and power producers and industrial customers.

  • Optimized biomass sourcing and procurement
  • Sustainability verification of raw materials
  • Updated and forward-looking market reporting
  • Thorough analyses of bioenergy markets, raw materials, logistic chains, and fuels
  • Advising services of energy transition towards renewables


Energy you
are proud to use

Wega is the detective agency for better energy, helping you to receive and produce more sustainable energy, even emission free energy. Our energy can bear closer examination – it is the energy of good conscience.

for the future

With Wega, accessibility and security of supply is guaranteed. With our help you are less dependent on the fluctuations of the world markets as you receive energy where the origin is known and controlled.

used correctly

At Wega, we do not waste energy. We see possibilities where others see threats. We are your tireless helper, even though we do not have more energy than anyone else. We just focus on the right things – your challenges.

our team!

Do you want to work with challenging and versatile tasks in a motivating and dynamic work community of like-minded professionals?

As our business continues to grow, we are constantly looking for professionals from different fields and stages of their careers. Come and create your own path in a dynamic and agile growth company.