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Solutions for sustainable shipping

Wega specialists Eveliina Klemola and Elina Kari together with Hermanni Backer Johnsen from NDPTL (Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics) wrote two expert articles to the Baltic Rim Economies series published by University of Turku. The articles cover alternative fuels for maritime transport as well as economic incentives for sustainable shipping.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport is vital for mitigating climate change. In addition to constructing new vessels, switching to low-carbon fuels will significantly decrease emissions. A key role of economic incentives is to secure R&D funding and financing for new environmentally advanced vessels. As ships tend to have long life spans, it is crucial to incentivise the most efficient choices to be able to meet the global environmental targets.

Read Eveliina’s article here and Elina’s and Hermanni’s here!